The Promised Land


About johnhoran1917

i am a third year mature art student at college in south east ireland.i intend to use this blog in a very random way, writing any old ideas which come to me. i suppose i'll have to keep all my community based practice blogs together in some way.
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3 Responses to The Promised Land

  1. John it’s Rory,

    I like it, great music, is it CCR?

    Some good images there, I have seen some of them before in your other work. (the young tories, NIKE stuff). Really like the Nike montage of the “you don’t get it by…” and the sweat shop.

    Swiftian, some of your satire.

    I got a new (second hand) Apple laptop, a chinese digital camera and a bargain basement pay-as-you-go interweb hookup, so am back on-line. I started a new blog. The 9 month absence from the world of computers has given me a fresh, minimalist perspective.

    • Rory, you say the kindest things. Welcome back to Blogland. The music is by Johnnie Allen-I never knew the accordion could do that! It’s a Chuck Berry song by the way. Is Yogi really a cross Patterdale?

  2. Yeah John, Yogi’s mother is a patterdale terrier and his father is a springer spainiel, so he looks like a big patterdale, so that’s what he is.

    Hope you’re in good form.

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